FCHOA Latest News

The Board of Directors Monthly Meeting; Tuesday Aug 13, 2024 at 6:30 PM (Updated 07/10/24)
Meeting agenda and how to register in advance for the Zoom meeting   READ more

Send questions to any Board Member or

2024 HOA Volunteer Opportunities (Updated 07/11/2024)
Dear Homeowner:
Our community HOA functions thanks to volunteers.   The new Board of Directors seeks your valuable assistance in filling: 

  • One open 2-year seat on the Board of Directors. (Board vacancies are appointed by the Board of Directors, not elected).   READ more
  • Compliance and Enforcement Committee 1-open position.
  • Additional homeowner committee members for the remainder of this calendar year

Please review the list of  Committees and consider helping make this an even nicer place to liveā€”if that is possible

Interested persons should send an email to Contact@FoothillsClusters.com for more information.

Send questions to any Board Member or Contact@FoothillsClusters.com.

Pima County Guidelines for Draining Pool and Spa
Prepare and discharge your old Pool or Spa Water properly. Read more.   

Buffel Grass Clearing
Work continues to identify and remove invasive and flammable grasses. Read more.

Pima County Leash Law Reminder
Pima County has strict ordinances concerning dogs kept on leash. Read more.