FCHOA Latest News

The Board of Directors Monthly Meeting – June 13, 2022 at 6:30 PM
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Road Replacement Project Updates
(Updated May 10, 2022)
The Board of Directors agreed to a 15 year fixed-interest rate loan to replace the streets. To read the latest news about the road replacement program and previous news , click here.

Spring Cleanup – New – Part 1 & Part 2
(Updated May 10, 2022)
We regret that some homeowners did not receive notice of the Spring Vegetation Pickup. We don’t want anyone left out.

If you did not receive the notice or did not have time to gather your materials, please send an email to Contact@FoothillsClusters.com by Thursday night, May 12 and tell us:
  – Your Name
  – Your Address
  –  Estimated number of vegetation-only piles you might have (maximum of two).
Based on your responses, we will arrange for pickup of the yard waste between May 16th-20th.

If you have set your vegetation-only piles out already, the cleanup should be completed by the end of the day Wednesday.  If there is a missed pile next to your driveway by Wednesday night, please send an email to Contact@FoothillsClusters.com and the Landscape & Roads Committee will arrange a pickup. See the attached Brochure for more information on the Spring Clean-up.

Buffel Grass Clearing
We continue to work to identify and remove invasive and flammable grasses — buffelgrass and fountain grass — which have spread widely as a result of the rainy monsoon. If you have a patch of buffelgrass/fountain grass along the roadways that you’d like removed , contact us for a site visit. Dan Weisz (Master Association: masterhoa@foothillsclusters.com) or Ron Steffens (FCHOA: board.rsteffens@foothillsclusters.com).

2021 Annual Member Meeting and Election Results

The By-laws of the Foothills Clusters HOA require that ten percent of the homeowners be present to present a quorum and conduct business. Only twenty homeowners attended the meeting so no business was conducted. The President’s report, the Treasurer’s report as well as various committee reports were given to those attending the meeting. Results of the 2021-2022 Board of Directors election was also reported.

Each year three of the Board’s nine positions are up for election. The results for this year’s election were as follows:

Austin Westnitzer82
Brian Bickel98
Doug Hughes106
Lisa Gabor52
Travis Atwood53
Jeff Servos (Write-in)1

Congratulations to Austin Westnitzer, Brian Bickel and Doug Hughes on their re-election to the Board.

The homeowners also re-elected Dale Prescott as one of the FCHOA’s two representatives on the Foothills Homeowners Master Association Board of directors. Result of that election are as follows:

Candidate Votes
Dale Prescott 99
Jim Jaworski 4
Lisa Gabor (Write-In) 2
Frank Karnauskas (Write-In) 1
Teddy Nelson (Write-In) 1
Dena Peterson (Write-In) 1
Marty Golden (Write-In) 1

Congratulations to Dale Prescott for his re-election.

Pima County Leash Law Reminder

This is a reminder that Pima County has strict ordinances concerning dogs. Pima County Ordinance 6.04.030 states dogs are always to be on a leash when outside of the owner’s private property. Your dog MUST be on a leash at all times while your dog is on public and private streets. This includes FCHOA private roads and the desert Common Area governed by the Master Association and its member HOAs.

Leash law violations (and bites) can be reported to Pima Animal Control Center at 724-5900, ext. #4. A dispatcher is available 7 days a week until 9 p.m. After 9 p.m. bites and violations should be reported to the sheriff’s department. It is helpful to have the date, time and location of the violation, a description of the dog, and name and/or address for the owner if possible. Pictures of the off-leash dog are very helpful but violations should be reported with or without all of this information.

As a result of the recent incident, the Board of the Foothills Homeowners Master Association voted to post leash law signs at the entrance to each of the member HOAs and near the informal entrances to the Campbell Wash.

If you have questions or comments on this matter, please contact:

Mr. Dan Weisz
President, Foothills Homeowners Master Association