Foothills Clusters HOA

The Foothills Clusters Homeowners Association was created to “promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents.” The most visible activities of the HOA are to protect the Common Areas, maintain the private roads, and enforce the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s).  Enforcing the CC&R’s is essentially to preserve architectural standards and restrict activities that deprive owners of their enjoyment of their property.

The activity of the HOA is governed by its Board of Directors, nine unpaid volunteers who are elected by the owners and serve three-year terms.  The association does not employ a management company.  Except for certain legal and accounting activities, most activities are performed by Board or committee members.

Board meetings are held the second Monday of every month (except for holidays).  The annual meeting at which Board of Director members are elected is held the first Sunday of November.  Meetings dates, times, locations and agendas are published on this web site.  All homeowners are encouraged to attend meetings.

The powers of the HOA and its board of directors is strictly limited by the associations governing documents.  Major expenditures and changes to the governing documents require approval by a substantial number  of owners, the exact number or percentage of votes varying by the matter at hand.

Membership in the HOA is not optional for homeowners.  Owners are required to pay annual dues and special assessments and are bound to the guidelines of the CC&R’s. In addition to being governed by its own documents, the Foothills Clusters Common Area is governed by the Foothills Homeowners Master Association.  There are four member HOAs that the Master Associaton is comprised of, with the mission of the Master Association to oversee and manage the Common Area that all four HOA’s share.  The actions of the association and Board of Directors is further governed by the Arizona Planned Communities Act of 2017.

Note: The content on this page is an unofficial digest of  the Foothills Clusters HOA governing documents.  Please refer to the recorded documents elsewhere on this site for authoritative information.