Hospitality Committee

Hospitality/Community Events Committee is responsible for identifying and welcoming new residents and for planning any association-sponsored social activities. The committee may work with the Communications Committee on communications projects.

In welcoming new residents, it strives to introduce them to the feel, process, and items of interest and concern of the neighborhood. This might include:

  • Personal welcome
  • Provide information to set expectations, awareness of neighborhood practices
  • Assessment information (Amount, frequency, due date)
  • HOA contact information
  • CC&R Guidelines
  • Architectural Control process
  • Calendar of neighborhood events
  • Website and Nextdoor introduction and overview
  • Invitation to become involved in events, HOA, etc.
  • Orientation to native (and invasive) fauna and flora
  • Awareness of bobcats, pack rats, javelina, snakes, insects, etc.
  • Pack rat removal/prevention
  • Buffelgrass, mistletoe removal
  • Discount coupons from local businesses