Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for compliance of physical changes to the exterior of homes.  The committee is also responsible for enforcing other guidelines in our CC&Rs.  The chair of the Architectural Control Committee must be a board member per ARS 33-1817 Section B.1.

Architectural Control

Most changes to home exteriors require approval by the Architectural Control Committee.  Such changes include, but are not limited to,

  • Room additions
  • Roof style/height modification
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Additional windows and/or doors (Replacement windows and doors for the same size opening do not require approval.)
  • Trim paint
  • Patio walls/fences
  • In-ground pools
  • Driveways
  • Solar panels

Homeowners can read the Architectural Control Guidelines and download copies of the Architectural Change Applications forms by clicking here.

Please note that homeowners are responsible for applying for required Pima County building permits and complying with all applicable building codes.  Homeowners whose property adjoins any Common Area might be required to produce a certified survey to ensure no improvement encroaches on Common Area.

Upon receipt of your application, the committee will review the application and supporting documents and schedule a site visit.  The committee will approve or disapprove your application within thirty days of receipt.  If there are deficiencies in the application or more time is needed to study it, the committee can disapprove the application but ask the homeowner to resubmit the application when all information is available to make a decision.

Please contact the Architectural Control Committee at with your questions or comments.