Compliance and Enforcement Committee

The Compliance and Enforcement Committee is responsible monitoring FCHOA CC&R’s compliance and when neccessary bring forth CC&R enforcement action.  The chair of the Compliance and Enforcement Committee should be a board member but is not required to be one per our FCHOA By-Laws  

The CC&R Compliance &Enforcement Committee addresses violations of the Covenants, Conditions and Rules (CC&R’s) which can include architectural issues, barking dogs, illegally parked vehicles, exposed debris, etc. All residents of the Foothills Clusters are bound by the CC&R’s – homeowners and renters alike.

Whenever possible, the committee tries to resolve issues informally with the residents and/or homeowners. If necessary, the committee will initiate legal proceedings with the homeowners who are responsible for all activities occurring on their property.

Please reference CC&R Enforcement Policy at CC&R Enforcement 

Please contact the Enforcement Committee at CC& with your questions or comments.