Board of Directors


The Board of Directors consists of nine members elected by homeowners in good standing. Each lot is eligible to cast one vote. Elections are held at the HOA annual meeting that is held on the first Sunday of November each year. Any homeowner in good standing can apply to be placed on the ballot.  Write-in candidates are also allowed.  Each term runs three years with one-third of the members elected each year.  Board members are unpaid volunteers.

The board then elects a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer from within the board.

Current Board members and the expiration date of their terms are as follows:

Mr. Frank Karnauskas (11/2022) Director
Mr. Douglas Hughes (11/2021)
Ms. Aletha Kalish (11/2020) Director
Mr. Donn Stoltzfus  (11/2020)
Ms. Irene Barg (11/2020) Director
Mr. Ron Steffens (11/2022)
Mr. Brian Bickel (11/2021) Director
Ms. Linda Jaworski (11/2022)
Mr. Austin Wesnitzer (11/21)

Board Meetings

The board meets on the first Monday of each month, except for holidays in which case the board meets on the following Monday.  Meetings are open and all homeowners are encouraged to attend.  While the board conducts its business, it does allow comments and questions from homeowners.  The meeting agenda is published on this website several days prior to the meeting. Meeting minutes are published on this web site after they approved at the following monthly meeting.

From time to time, the board will meet in “executive session”.  These meetings are closed and are generally for the purpose of study of complex issues, planning, or personnel issues.  The board cannot make decisions in executive session.  A summary of the executive session’s purpose is reported at the next regular board meeting.

Note: The content on this page is an unofficial digest of  the Foothills Clusters HOA governing documents.  Please refer to the recorded documents elsewhere on this site for authoritative information.