Vehicle and Parking Policy – First Draft – Comments Wanted

It is always the Board of Directors’ philosophy to keep things simple and not complicate our governing documents with unnecessary rules and regulations.  However, we have encountered a situation in which some residents deliberately park their cars to block roads and damage the landscape in our Common Areas.  While trying to correct these violations we learned that, while the Association has the authority to do so, we have been unable to act without a Vehicle and Parking Policy.  We now have a draft policy and enforcement process under review with our attorneys.

The Board is soliciting public comment from homeowners on this draft.  You can read it by clicking here.

This document is composed of three sections: the Board resolution to adopt the policy, the Vehicle and Parking Policy itself, and the Enforcement Process.  At two and one-half pages long, the policy may seem somewhat detailed…and it is.  When the Board faces an enforcement incident there should be no ambiguity in our policy.  The Enforcement Process is also one and one-half pages long so violators can fully understand the action that the Board will take if violations continue.

By and large, the neighborhood has not had serious parking problems until recently.  That is because common sense and courtesy toward our neighbors has been all that was necessary to maintain a pleasant neighborhood.  That’s all this policy is intended to preserve.  The Association will not have parking monitors driving up and down the roads looking for violations.  Should the Board receive a complaint from a homeowner, the Board will investigate the situation and, as it always does, first try to resolve problems informally with the cooperation of all involved.

Our intention is to have a final policy ready for the Board’s consideration at the February 4th Board of Directors meeting and put the policy in place by March 1st.

Please take a few moments to review the policy and offer your comments to


2018 Ballot for the Increase of Annual Assessments Voting Results

A ballot was sent in October to homeowners to authorize a five year increase in the annual assessment for the purposes of reconstructing the association’s private roads.  The unofficial count is as follows:

Ballots Required to Reach a Quorum: 221

Ballots Received: 235

(A quorum was reached.)

YES Votes required to approve the increase: 156.

YES Votes received: 122.

NO Votes received: 112.

Incomplete Vote received: 1


A final count of the ballots will take place and be announced in the next 48 hours. The final count is taken to ensure there are no duplicate or invalid ballots.

Thank you everyone who voted.

2018 Master Homeowner Board of Director Election Results

By convention, the Foothills Clusters homeowners can elect three members to the Foothills Homeowners Master Association. Ballots were counted at the 2018 Homeowners Annual Meeting and our three representatives will be:

Mr. Dan Weisz was reelected with 89 votes.

Mr. David Kalish was elected with 88 votes.

Mr. Dale Prescott was elected with 73 votes.

Write-in ballots were received as follows:

Anne Shivers with 1 vote.

Pat Tripp with 1 vote.

Doug Wright with 1 vote.

Congratulations Dan, David and Dale on your election and thank you for your willingness to serve your neighborhood.

2018 Board of Directors Election Results

Ballots were counted at the 2018 Homeowners Annual Meeting for three members of the Board of Directors.  The results of the election are as follows:

Mr. Brian Bickel was reelected to the board with 143 votes.
Mr. Doug Hughes was reelected to the board with 138 votes.
Mr. Austin Wesnitzer was elected to the board with 134 votes.

Their term of office is three years.

Receiving write-in votes were:
Dale Prescott with 2 votes and
Douglas Everett with 1 vote.

Congratulations Brian, Doug, and Austin on your election and thank you for your willingness to serve your community.

Independent Reserve Study Available for Review

Early this summer, the Board of Directors authorized the Treasurer to engage an independent firm to study the financial status of the HOA and its responsibility to maintain and protect its assets, including the repair and maintenance of its roads. 

Association Reserves of Chandler, Arizona was selected to perform the study.  The study was completed on June 12, 2018. A copy of the study can be seen by clicking on the following:

Reserve Study

Upon receiving the study it was first independently reviewed by the board members.  At the July Board of Directors meeting the board directed both the Landscape and Roads Committee and the Finance Committee to review the study and to offer their recommendations. Both committees approved the recommendations of the study.  Now, the Board of Directors will formally review the recommendations of the study and propose appropriate actions.

The first discussion of the reserve study and its recommendations will take place at the September 10, 2018 Board of Directors meeting.  The meeting will take place at the Catalina Foothills High School, House #1 Seminar Room at 6:30 PM. 

An essential part of this discussion will be finance options for the recommended road repairs.  These options will be presented by the Treasurer.  An open discussion for all homeowners will follow.

All homeowners are encouraged to attend the meeting.

More information will be posted on this site as it becomes available.  Announcements will be posted on Nextdoor and sent to members of the Association’s email list.

Consent Form Mailing for CC&R Amendment

Not quite one year ago, the Board of Directors moved to present homeowners an amendment to our CC&R’s.  The intent of the amendment is to allow subsequent changes to the CC&R’s be made by a simple majority of homeowners and to eliminate the supposed requirement that consent forms for such amendments be signed in the presence of a notary.  The Consent Form can be viewed by clicking on the following link:

First Amendment Consent Form

Now having half the signed Consent Forms needed to amend the CC&R’s, the Board of Directors took pause to examine what is needed to gather the remaining signatures needed. Continue reading “Consent Form Mailing for CC&R Amendment”