Road Replacement Project – Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated March 24, 2022)

Q. Why this year for this paving project?
A. For many reasons … primarily, the roads are far beyond their lifespan and the number of potholes and cracks are not repairable in a fiscally sound fashion.

Q. When will the paving occur and how long will it take?
A. We are still working to confirm this, as it must combine five key steps: (1) Receive and select a bid. (2) Arrange for financing. (3) Solicit approval for the loan from two-thirds of the HOA members. (4) Prepare the roads for milling (removal of current asphalt) and paving. (5) Additional seal-coating after the primary paving, to ensure the longest life for the pavement. At present, the plan is for a 2022 completion of this paving project. However, this is a timeline that may be amended.

Q. Who is paying for the county roads paving?
A. The paving of Evans Mountain Road and Ventana Canyon Road west to the Campbell Wash will be performed by Pima County and is paid for by county funds. No HOA money is involved.

Q. How much will it cost to pave the HOA roads?
A. The exact costs for the HOA paving its private roads (the cul-de-sacs) will depend on competitive bids which are influenced by the changing costs of materials with oil prices being a key component. The Board has approved a not-to-exceed cost of $1.45M to replace the roads.

Q. How will the project be paid for?
A. The project will be financed by using a portion of the HOA savings and investments accounts ($650,000) and be supplemented with a loan ($800,000) to be repaid in 15 years. Exact details will be determined once we have a firm bid for the project. Loan payments will be paid with a portion of future HOA assessments.

Q. How much will the paving project cost each property owner in the HOA? 
A. By combining current savings and investments with the loan, we plan for the loan to be paid off by HOA annual assessments. The finance plan for the road paving does foresee that the annual assessment will be increased up to 5 percent per year (which is controlled by our Articles and Bylaws). Our current assessment level, with scheduled annual increases of no greater than 5 percent, will pay off the loan.

Q. Will there be a special assessment to pay for the road paving?
A. There is no plan for a special assessment.

Q. Will a homeowner be responsible if the HOA defaults?
A. No. The Homeowners Association, as a corporation, will be the responsible party for the loan. In the case of default, which is extremely unlikely based on our strong support by members of paying for the annual assessments, the loaning bank would receive the annual assessments. No homeowner would be individually liable for any or all or the borrowed amount.

Q. Will the bank turn over the funds to the HOA?
A. No. The bank will not write a check for the loan to the HOA. It will pay the contractor directly after it inspects the completed project and deems the work performed properly.

Q. What if I have a question?
A. We invite you to attend our monthly meetings, and to share your email address with us, so we may provide you with regular updates on this key project.

You can also contact any member of the Board of Directors.  Their names are listed on our website,  Or send your question or comments to and we promise a timely response.