July 2023 Storm Damage Communication

The Board of Directors of the FCHOA expresses its appreciation to our residents who have been busy cleaning up their landscape and making repairs to roofs and structures that were damaged by the monsoon storm.  There are some homes, perhaps seasonal homes, that have suffered damage and it appears the occupants are not present or able to respond.  If your neighbor fits this description and you have their contact information, please reach out to them, and make them aware of the situation.

Street Right of Way – Many thanks to those who acted promptly to remove fallen and windblown vegetation out of the streets.  The County has been contacted and should be in our community shortly to remove materials from alongside Evans Mountain and Ventana Canyon.  If materials from your driveway washed into the street, please use a shovel, broom, or hire a landscape crew to remove and replace those materials.  The FCHOA will look to address significant accumulations of soil where washes cross the street and potential vegetation damage in the right-of-way, but that may not occur until after the monsoon season so that associated costs are not incurred repetitively.  If you have a particular concern about materials in the street, contact the FCHOA at  Contact@FoothillsClusters.com and someone will respond.

Repairs -An application to the Architectural Control Committee is not required if you are making repairs with like materials, i.e. not changing the structure, appearance, or material of the construction.  However, please be aware that white roof coatings are not allowed and corrugated metal is not an approved material for patio roofing, so if those materials were damaged it is necessary to submit an application to the Committee identifying the new materials/coatings.

Signs -The temporary signs placed by various roofing companies and landscapers are in conflict with the CC&Rs and must be removed from your lot.

Landscape Debris and Trimmings – Many homeowners have already removed these materials from their property.  In some cases neighbors have coordinated with a landscaping company to remove materials from several lots and in so doing save costs.  The Board does not plan to schedule a free “green waste pickup” for these materials, as the quantity far exceeds the available budget.  Because the monsoon season may bring additional destruction of landscape, debris piles of vegetation may accumulate on lots until September 30, 2023 but must be removed on or before that date to avoid conflict with the community CC&Rs.  Do not place these piles within the street ROW (typically up to five feet from the street) and if possible, leave them out of site behind a wall or in your backyard until they are removed.

If you have minor landscape trimming to do that can wait until the fall, the Board may conduct a green waste pickup event in October or November.  Piles for green waste pickup should not be accumulated more than 2 weeks before the pickup date.

Protect the Common Area – Our neighborhood is surrounded by acres of native desert, collectively owned by each homeowner, and and it is maintained by Foothills Homeowners Master Association to remain in a natural state for the enjoyment of native wildlife and the community.  Do not dispose of landscape debris in the Common Area, including where washes intersect with streets, or allow your contractor or landscaper to do so.  If you have a particular concern about either disposed material or vegetation that may pose a hazard to your property, or need to access the Common Area to remove debris from your lot, contact Dan Weisz, our representative to the Master Association, at MasterHOA@Foothills.com to review the situation with you. 

Finally, use common sense. Work with your neighbors to restore our community and repair the damage.  Respect it may take some time for owners to make obtain a contractor to make repairs due to the volume of work during the monsoon season. Follow the community requirements, protect the Common Area, and contact any member of the Board of Directors or send a message to at  Contact@FoothillsClusters.com if you have questions or concerns.  ‘

Thank you for all that you do to protect and enhance our community.