Election Results

FCHOA Board of Directors
Three seats on the FCHOA Board of Directors were up for election. Ballots were counted during the FCHOA Homeowners Annual Meeting on November 6, 2022. The ballots cast were 87 and the results for the Board of Directors seats are as follows:

Ron Steffens: 84
Linda Jawaorski: 14
Frank Karnauskas: 10
Greg Piraino: 2
Travis Atwood: 1
John Bonner: 1
Timothy R. Graham: 1
Dale Prescott: 1
Richard Weiner: 1
Dan Weisz: 1
Brian Bickel: 1
Aletha Kalish: 1
Donn Stoltzfus: 1

Foothills Homeowners Master Association
Homeowners also voted for one FCHOA representative to the Foothills Homeowners Master Association and the results are as follows:

Dan Weisz: 83
Frank Karnauskas: 1

Congratulations to Steffens, Jaworski and Karnauskas for their re-election to the Board of Directors and to Dan Weisz for his re-election as a FCHOA representative to the Master Association.

NOTE: A quorum of homeowners was not present so while committee reports were presented and comments were taken from the floor, no business was conducted.