Green Waste Clean-Up

Tuesday, January 17 – Friday, January 20, 2023

Please Read these Guidelines – Size Limitations in Effect!
(Download the Guidelines by clicking here.)

BrightView Landscape crews will collect landscape vegetation (green waste) from in front of individual homes. This will be the only HOA green waste pickup this winter and spring. For efficient collection and cost-management, homeowners should separate their green waste by type:

  • PILE 1: Branches only, which will be chipped and hauled at a lower cost to the HOA.

  • PILE 2 (if needed): Other landscape waste (mixed green waste) such as cacti, raked leaves, invasive grasses, palm fronds. These require more handling by crews, at a higher cost to the HOA and community.

Guidelines to Prepare Landscape Waste

  • 1. SCHEDULE. Piles should be ready by Monday, January 16, for collection starting Tuesday, January 17.

  • 2. NO GARBAGE or HOUSEHOLD ITEMS, including no wood, plastic, or cardboard. Piles containing non-vegetation will be rejected and homeowners will be asked to remove these.

  • 3. TWO PILES per house. Separate the piles into branches only, including shrub trimmings — or mixed green waste (cacti, grasses, palm leaves).

  • 4. SIZE of PILES/BRANCHES: Each pile should be less than 8 feet long by 5 feet in diameter. Branches should not exceed 8 feet long, 5 inches diameter.

  • 5. LOCATION: Near your driveway, similar to your garbage/recycling containers but not obstructing traffic. Sharing piles with a neighbor is encouraged. If needed, a pile can be within the driveway if a truck can back up easily to it. Mark your mail box with red or orange flagging if your pile is in the driveway and not visible.

  • 6. NATIVE DESERT PLANTS are a key value of our community and are protected by our CC&Rs and additional legislation. No plant removal from common areas is allowed under any circumstances. See Article VII, Section 8, Use Restrictions/Native Growth (https:// Only trim native plants for maintenance of residences, driveways, patios and developed areas. We ask your help to remove non native invasive plants, such as buffelgrass. See the HOA’s Invasive Grasses Abatement Policy for details.