Architectural Control Updates

Architectural Control Committee Guidelines and Application Forms
The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) continues its work on revising the FCHOA Architectural Control Guidelines. This phase includes a revision of the Architectural Change Application form. Our goal is to improve upon the architectural change application process with easier-to-use forms. Another important change is to use measurable criteria on which to base ACC decisions. By using this objective approach, the influence of personal opinion in the review of architectural change applications should be lessened.

We have dissolved the “one application fits all” approach and have developed project-specific applications that will hopefully be a more effective tool going forward. The “Major Change” application has been revised to meet the needs of both small renovation and large scale construction projects. Additionally, we have created two short application forms, one for rooftop solar applications and one for paint and roofing color projects. The applications are supported by the CC&R’s and also incorporate our recently revised Architectural Guidelines from March, 2022. These recently revised Applications have been approved by the Board of Directors, and are effective as of August 5, 2022.

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