2021 Annual Member Meeting and Election Results

The By-laws of the Foothills Clusters HOA require that ten percent of the homeowners be present to present a quorum and conduct business.  Only twenty homeowners attended the meeting so no business was conducted.  The President’s report, the Treasurer’s report as well as various committee reports were given to those attending the meeting. Results of the 2021-2022 Board of Directors election was also reported.

Board of Directors 2021-2022 Election Results

Each year three of the Board’s nine positions are up for election.  The results for this year’s election were as follows:

Candidate Votes
Austin Westnitzer 82
Brian Bickel 98
Douglas Hughes 106
Lisa Gabor 52
Travis Atwood 53
Jeff Servos (Write-In) 1

Congratulations to Austin Westnitzer, Brian Bickel and Doug Hughes on their re-election to the Board.

The homeowners also re-elected Dale Prescott as one of the FCHOA’s  two representatives on the Foothills Homeowners Master Association Board of directors.  Result of that election are as follows:

Candidate Votes
Dale Prescott 99
Jim Jaworski (Write-In) 4
Lisa Gabor (Write-In) 2
Frank Karnauskas (Write-In) 1
Teddy Nelson (Write-In) 1
Dena Peterson (Write-In) 1
Marty Golden (Write-In) 1