Busy Backyard For Me

by Dan Weisz

Web presentation by Douglas Everett at Hummingbird Market

This month saw some very different animals using the back yard as part of their territory.  The quality of the photos is dependent on the trail cam, so they are not as crisp or sharp as usual, but still pretty nice captures!

And here is a fascinating visitor whom I’ve seen two other times in the Foothills Clusters neighborhood.  This three-legged coyote appears to be very healthy.  It runs easily, its face is alert and its winter coat looks nice and thick.

We have seen bobcats very infrequently over the years even though we know they are around.  This photo was from halloween morning, and check out what this adult bobcat is looking at!!!

She’s on the back porch watching her little one drink from our doggie dish/bird bath

Then a few days later the camera caught the first ever mule deer in our backyard.  The deer walked in from the slope above, looked around, and then came to the water dish for a sip.

It then turned and went to the elevated water dish for another sip.

and then a taste of the oranges that are set out for the birds

Looks like the young bobcat returned for water a few days later

followed by a curious javelina just four minutes later.  Note the times on the camera data.

The next week a young coyote dropped in

followed two hours later by a bobcat.  Check out the time stamps 

That evening a herd of javelinas visited, and brought a few babies with them

and the young bobcat returned during daylight just this past Friday

Followed by its mother from a different direction