A Local Bobcat Out for a Stroll

by Dan Weisz

Web presentation by Douglas Everett @ Hummingbird Market

Many of you see bobcats, or wildcats, in your yards or on your streets.  They are a common sight in the Foothills and one of the reasons Foothills living is so special.  I saw at Sweetwater Wetlands recently and was able to watch one bobcat for a short while.  A family of bobcats has made Sweetwater their home for some time and, occasionally, visitors can see one or more of the family going about their business.  I assume that the cat I saw was a young one.  It was walking down the path and likely searching for breakfast.  Because the bobcats are used to placid birders and walkers, they are somewhat comfortable around people.  We moved to one side of the path and the bobcat continued its journey, passing us by closely.

When it first spotted us, it turned backwards, looked around for a bit (while waiting to see what we would do) and once when we moved to the side, it continued down the path next to us.

It looked like a small kitten at first.

But as it got closer, it began to look a bit more grown up.

Here it is making sure the path was clear……
Look at the size of that front paw!

and then striding right by us

This step was a long one and, stretched out, it looked like a hunting pose.

It passed us and continued to hunt, occasionally looking towards the reeds and the ponds while listening and looking for prey.

All of these photos were taken with a Nikon D7200 camera and a 70-300mm zoom lens.

As always, if you have local wildlife in your yard that is a regular resident or visitor, I would be happy to try to take some photos of the wildlife for you.  I can be reached at danweisz@aol.com or 520-409-4182