by Dan Weisz

Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner offered me much entertainment growing up watching many Looney Tunes cartoons.  Living in Tucson’s Foothills offers many opportunities to see both of these characters in real life.  We can see (and hear) these animals right in our neighborhoods.

This week at Sweetwater Wetlands, both the Roadrunner and the Coyote gave quite a show.  

Early in the morning, I came across a roadrunner that seemed to have chased some prey into the wetlands.  He came out from the reeds looking pretty wet and proceeded to make several attempts to warm up in the morning sun.  Each time he would turn his back to the sun and spread his feathers out to catch the sun’s rays.  When our group walked closer he would run further down the path before beginning to sun once again.  This was his third attempt.  

He turned and began to spread his feathers.

a little moreā€¦

and more, all the while checking us out.

Aaahhh, that feels good!

On the south side of Sweetwater at the large settling ponds, we saw a very large freshly dug hole.  Soon afterwards a coyote approached from the west, stopping at the hole to look for its family.  There must be a fairly large den at that spot.

The coyote made its way across the embankment of the settling pond.  The following shots were taken at a great distance and the lighting is not the best, but the pictures do tell a story.

It climbed up the embankment where it met two other coyotes who were relaxing in the shade of the mesquite trees.  By 7:30 in the morning, it was already very hot in the sun.

Just past the mesquite trees and above the next settling pond, more coyotes appeared.  We saw a mother coyote and two pups.

They were soon joined by other adult coyotes and other young pups.

Two of the pups go running off.

While the coyotes and the roadrunner did not interact that morning, we know that is bound to happen some time in the future.

That’s All Folks!