With Daytime Temperatures over 100ยบ, It's Important to Stay Hydrated

by Dan Weisz

It’s been well over 100 degrees this week, and all living creatures feel the heat.  Here is how some birds are coping:

The common House Sparrow was thirsty and wary, and he was very quick to fly away from the water dish in my back yard.

I believe this is a juvenile Verdin drinking up.

A female Lesser Goldfinch is ready to throw her head back so the water will run down her throat.  I like the water drop under her beak and the one on her neck.

The male Lesser Goldfinch drinking.  Note the reflections of the ripples of water or ‘waves’ from the watering dish across the bird’s belly.  This bird also seems to have a tiny bit of red cactus fruit stuck to its beak.

A young male House Finch drinking up.

while a female House Finch checks her surroundings before taking a drink.

And at Reid Park, the birds are just as thirsty.  Here is a Black-crowned Night Heron taking a deep drink.

Feeling much better now, thank-you.

Remember to stay hydrated!  And if you provide water to your neighborhood birds, remember to fill that dish at least once daily!