Elvis Has Left the Building- Part Two

by Dan Weisz

So as I was saying……

On Sunday I confirmed that there are three owlets.  The one below has that blemish on the lower, outer portion of his left iris.

And there are two siblings without the blemish in their eye!  So there are at least three owlets!

The little ones have been very active in their nest box.  This one is growing so much that it seems to have outgrown its living space.  Both wings are protruding through to the outside of the lid on each side of the nest box!!  It reminds me of that old magic trick where a person was sawed in half.

They often leaned way out of the box, looking all around.

When suddenly one either slipped or was pushed out by a sibling!  One foot grabbed the twine for support while the owlet clung to the next box hole with one other talon.  I didn’t know whether it was going to fall out but I held my breath.  The owlet slowly was able to turn back to the opening and make its way inside again.  This told me that the owlets were almost ready to leave the nest.

Food delivery that night was very different.  Mom and Pop would vocalize a lot before returning with food.  They had been fairly silent in recent weeks.  In the past, they flew directly into the nest with the food or passed it off at the nest hole.  This changed too.

Sunday night, I first saw the delivery of a millipede.  The shot below is not quite focused but I like the "slurping pasta" look of it.

Each subsequent food delivery was done in a new manner.  The parent(s) would call from nearby the nest box.  Then, they would fly to the side of the box and wait and wait, as if asking the owlets to come out to get their food. After one to two minutes, the owl would fly to the opening to deliver the food.  Pop brought a gecko.  Then, one of the parents brought a delicious cockroach, and waited and waited.

Then, an owl brought a cricket and landed on the box.  

After waiting a while, it hopped over to the trunk of the tree and, facing the nest, continued to wait while staring at the nest box opening.

On Monday, two owlets appeared outside of the nest on the mesquite tree.  Part Three with those photographs will be on its way soon………….