Nesting Broad-billed Hummingbird update

by Dan Weisz

Last week on Friday morning- mom fed the babies as the sun came through the leaves.  The chick on the left is begging, anticipating being fed.  See the mother bird’s very long beak? 

That beak is reaching pretty far down, making sure the food gets into the little one’s belly!

The nest is changing shape as the babies grow up.  Here was the nest on Monday, May 1.

Here is the shape on Wednesday, May 10.  After ten days of growth by two babies, the nest is beginning to stretch out and sag down, pulling the twig down as well with the weight of two growing hummingbirds.

The baby on the right is getting fed.

While the baby on the left is waiting its turn, somewhat impatiently.  If you look back at the first photo in this e-mail from five days ago, you can see how much the baby’s beak has grown in that time compared to the photo below. Also, there is now visible growth of feathers under the chick’s beak.

Down the hatch.

And she keeps feeding the little one while she pulls her beak out.

Mom’s gone, but the two little ones still appear hungry.