Curtain Calls by our Spring Bird

by Dan Weisz

Robin Williams said that “Spring is Nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party?”, so back by popular demand, here are some more photos of the birds we saw recently.

The Great Horned Owl in east Tucson sitting on her desk in the palm tree:

She looks a little stern here but I think it’s just the angle of her head.

Another view of the Vermilion Flycatcher with a mouth full of insects, right before he fed his partner on the nest.

The new growth of an Agave Americana at Agua Caliente Park.

A close-up of the baby Phainopepla chick as it looks upwards hoping for a parent to return with food.  Note the bare skin under its chin and the hairy fuzz on its head. 

On a visit to Oracle State Park, this Woodhouse Scrub Jay surveyed his environment.

Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies were everywhere- another sign of Spring.

This white-tailed deer seemed frozen for the longest time staring at our group.  He could have been a cardboard cutout for all we knew, until finally he moseyed off up the hill.

And back at home, this male Lesser Goldfinch waited his turn at the nyjer seed sock.  The sharp ends of the palo verde tree provide a nice resting spot.