A variety of birds for your enjoyment

by Dan Weisz

Below is a random selection of beautiful birds, some from Santa Cruz Flats (SCF), some from my backyard (MBY), and one from along River Road (RR).  They didn’t fit into any special ‘group’ but I thought they were all interesting recent photos, so I placed them in an order that worked for me.  Enjoy!

An American Kestrel on a windy morning in SCF.  I like its perch.

A Harris’s Hawk from the family along RR.  You can see the featherless area between its bill and eye, the rusty shoulder feathers, the white rump patch and the white-tipped tail.  He’s facing the morning sun.

In MBY, a Ladder-backed Woodpecker enjoying the snack I left out for the birds.  This is a small woodpecker who lives in the southwest deserts.  In Central America, it also inhabits pine forests.  The male has a red cap.

The female Ladder-backed Woodpecker has a black cap.  From this angle, you can also see her “Ladder Back”.

Two ever-cute Burrowing Owls along an irrigation canal in the SCF.  Wonder what they’re looking at?  One is standing tall on only one leg, while the other is crouched down.  That whitewash on the concrete lets you know this is a popular perch.

A Lark Sparrow along agricultural fields in SCF.  You know I love their facial pattern.

Here is a different angle to view that facial pattern.  Every line on the sparrow's face seems to radiate directly from its bill.

A Common Raven landing shows its grace and those beautiful, glossy feathers.  It’s head is hidden while it looks towards its landing spot in SCF.

And in MBY, the ever spectacular Northern Cardinal.