Wild Wild West Con 6- an unusual Tucson Convention

by Dan Weisz

This year’s WWW6 Convention was held at Old Tucson last weekend.  Here are a few shots of the people who came to Tucson to celebrate.  SteamPunk takes its inspiration from Jane Austen mixed with Jules Verne blended with Mad Max and with a little H.G.Wells thrown in.  A sample definition is:  a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction.

For more photos, check out my flickr album where you can enlarge any photo to view.

Paige Gardner Smith:  “Costume Artist and Raging Liberal”
for more on Paige’s work https://costumeartist.wordpress.com 

Standing guard in front of the High Chaparral set

The next generation 


Representing Marana…

Eve Riot, Ringmaster, on the steps of the Saloon