PIMA COUNTY ROADS-Evans Mountain & Ventana Canyon

Foothills Clusters residents banded together and submitted a petition (with 330 names) to Pima County to address the repaving of two deteriorating Pima County roads in the subdivision.


Foothills Clusters private road work, various locations. Mon, Oct 26, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

WHEN: On Monday, October 5, 2015, the Clusters HOA Board approved awarding engineering services for Phase 1- Engineering Assessment.

WHY: As part of the Engineering Assessment, the geotechnical firm, ConformaTECH will begin their 20 day core sampling work on Monday the 26th of October. The first things they will be doing is have blue stake out to locate utilities. Then they will lay out the locations to which they will perform the exploratory digging. This is the operation that will allow for two way traffic in one lane while this is going on. There will be construction signs alerting folks of the work. 

CONTACT: If anyone has questions about this work, contact Irene Barg at fhchoa.board@gmail.com).

Irene Barg 
FHCHOA Secretary 
Roads Committee Member

Sep 16, 2015 Update on the Foothills Clusters Road Project
Your Landscape & Roads Committee has been diligently meeting and recommends that at the October 5, 2015 board meeting the FCHOA Board approve $16,950 to fund an engineering assessment. We have been gathering opinion regarding the current state of our roads and options for their rehabilitation. We have been advised by an engineer of the Pima County Department of Transportation that the pavement on our roads has failed and the most cost effective plan over 20 years is to replace them.

We have received conflicting opinions as to whether the subsurface base of our roads is adequate to support a re-pavement project. In order to move forward and bring road improvement options for discussion, the Landscape & Roads Committee acknowledges that the age and nature of our roads necessitates we receive a third party Engineering Assessment. Three engineering firms were solicited. This Phase 1 Engineering Assessment will determine the state of the base under our roads, a cost/benefit analysis over a 30 year period for a range of options, and result in a professional pavement recommendation.


  • Oct 5, 2015 Board Meeting,(6:30pm Catalina Foothills High School, House #1) the Roads Committee will request the Clusters Board award work for a Phase 1 Engineering Assessment.
    Your comments are welcomed and appreciated at this meeting.
  • Nov 15, 2015 Annual Meeting – Presentation of Engineering Assessment expectations.
  • 2016 TBD Special Meeting – Engineering report presentation by engineers, discussion of options.