The Foothills Homeowners Master Association was incorporated in 1975 by The Estes Company as the governing entity for the land located between Campbell Avenue and Alvernon Way, north of Skyline Drive and south of Ina Road.

Eventually four distinct and separate subdivisions were developed within the larger parcel and each was assigned its own set of By-Laws and CC&Rs. 

The four subdivisions are:

  • Foothills I - 140 lots
  • Foothills  II  - 72 lots
  • Foothills Clusters  - 367 lots
  • Foothills Townhomes - 70 lots

Master Association Common Area--- This is a large .pdf map

The Foothills Homeowners Masters Association is responsible for governance per By-Laws and CC&Rs of all COMMON AREAS, namely those areas not specifically deeded to individual lot owners.  The Common Area is comprised of 28 parcels, for a total acreage of 200.

All lot owners are members of their own HOA, as well as members of the Master HOA.  This dual membership is not optional or elective. 

The Board of the Master Association meets periodically and is made up of representatives of each of the four HOAs, and is open to all 649 member/homeowners.

The Foothills Clusters Representatives to the Master Association:

  • Joe Mucenski
  • Jeff Servoss
  • Dan Weisz

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