• Architectural Control Committee. Responsible for compliance of physical changes to houses, walls, roofs, etc, as well as enforcing other guidelines in our CC&Rs. Reviews submittals from homeowners to determine whether proposed improvements are in compliance and in keeping with community aesthetics. Inspects the improvement after completion to ensure that work was done according to plan and that damage was not caused to the common area, easements, etc. Also addresses violations of the CC&Rs, which can include existing architectural issues, barking dogs, illegally parked vehicles, etc. Initiates Enforcement Policy as needed. Architectural Control Policy & Guidelines
    • The chair of the Architectural Control Committee must be a board member per ARS 33-1817 Section B.1
    • Contact Architectural application, communication – Bob Newcomb
  • Finance Committee. Works with Treasurer and the Board to adopt the annual budget, provide financial oversight, ensure wise investment and handling of money, and provide other tasks as needed.
  • Business Process Committee. Makes recommendations to the Board for adoption of business rules and processes. Reviews, maintains, modifies governing documents as needed.
  • Communications Committee. Makes recommendations and implementations for most modes of communication, including the quarterly newsletter, special mailings, the formal web site, and other means such as canvassing, etc. Develops marketing strategy for increasing involvement in board and general membership activities. Also maintains HOA board email accounts and passwords.
  • Landscape & Roads Committee. Responsible for our private roads and for the appearance and state of vegetation along these roads (within the Limited Common Area, not on private property), as well as both entrances (County property). Conducts inspections of the limited common area landscaping and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors.
    • Board discussion – Pay to maintain vs ask neighbors to do their own local area
    • Board discussion – Inspect LCA vs respond to complaints only
  • Nominating Committee. Develops and maintains an on-going recruiting plan for Board of Directors nominees. Manages the mechanics of annual elections, from creating a list of nominees, to the balloting process, to the vote, to the counting of in-person and absentee ballots.
    • The chair of the Nominating must be a board member, per our Bylaws, Article V, Section 1
  • Hospitality/Community Events Committee. Responsible for identifying and welcoming new residents and introducing them to the feel, process, and items of interest and concern of the neighborhood. Responsible also for planning any association-sponsored social activities. May work with the Communications Committee on collateral (printed, web-based, emailed, etc) and communication. Potential contributions to new residents:
      • Personal welcome
      • Provide information to set expectations, awareness of neighborhood practices
        • CC&Rs [Website link]
        • Assessment information (Amt, frequency, due date)
        • HOA contact information [Website link]
        • CC&R Guidelines, Architectural Control process [Website link]
        • Calendar of neighborhood events [Website link]
        • Website and Nextdoor introduction and overview
        • Invitation to become involved in events, HOA, etc
        • Blurb re native (and invasive) fauna and flora [Website link]
          • Bobcats, rats, javelina, etc
          • Rat removal/prevention
          • Buffelgrass, mistletoe
        • Discount coupons from local businesses

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