Erosion Control Project on Ventana Canyon Rd. Completed

One of two erosion control sites completed on Friday.

Due to heavy monsoon rains in July 2017, we had severe erosion at two locations downstream from Ventana Canyon Drive where it is crossed by Campbell Wash between N Cascade Spring Place and N Quartzite Canyon Place.

The erosion at the existing vertical concrete cutoff wall was deep enough that if not mitigated, subsequent rains would continue to undercut the concrete cutoff wall.

The second site at N Cascade Spring Place saw serious deterioration of the edge of the pavement and severe erosion on the downstream side of the road. We patched the pavement edges at these sites, but still needed to mitigate future erosion.

The HOA contracted with The Groundskeeper to install riprap over filter fabric blanket at these two locations. The riprap blanket will slow down the flow of water downstream from the road to prevent further erosion at the existing sites. The Pima County Regional Flood Control District provided specifications for the riprap blanket.

Work began 7:00 AM Friday, January 5 and was completed that afternoon.  Thanks to the Landscape and Roads Committee for a job well done!

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