Board of Directors Nominating Committee News

The annual meeting of the Foothills Clusters Homeowners Association is set for Sunday, November 3, 2019.

Pursuant to our By-Laws, a Nominating Committee consisting of a Chairperson who must be on the Board of Directors and two or more homeowners who are not Board Members, needs to be appointed by the Board of Directors ninety days prior to the annual meeting.  At the August 5, 2019 Board meeting, Donn Stoltzfus and Pat Tapke were appointed to co-chair the committee.

We are asking you to consider either serving on the Nominating Committee or serving on the Board of Directors.

Three of the nine Board seats will expire in November.  Two seats are currently filled by Board Members whose terms will expire in November and one seat is currently vacant.  Thus, a total of three seats need to be filled during the upcoming election.

We need good people with a little common sense who are able to read and understand the governing documents (copies can be found on the website), who can work respectfully with their neighbors and are able and willing to donate about eight to twelve hours per month to fill any open Board positions.  As a Board Member you will work toward addressing the concerns of your neighbors, including the condition of our roads and common areas and the general quality of life in our neighborhood.

The election of Board Members is handled at the Annual Meeting of Members which again, is scheduled for Sunday, November 3, 2019 at 2:00 pm.  The names of candidates need to be submitted to the Board of Directors by the October 7, 2019 Board meeting so that ballots can be mailed out prior to the annual members meeting.

If you would consider serving on the Board or helping us find good candidates who would be willing to serve, please email Donn Stoltzfus at or Pat Tapke at  We appreciate your time and consideration.